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Enjoy Clean and Safe Pool Water

At Improved Pool Service, we offer many services

to keep your pool at its best.

  • Summerization & Winterization (Opening & Closing) of Swimming Pools and Spas
  • Weekly and Bi-Weekly Maintenance
  • Pool Cleaning
  • Equipment Repair, Replacement & Upgrade
  • Custom Safety Cover Replacement & Installation
  • Acid Wash Pool (Drain & Clean)
  • Salt system installation/maintenance
  • Winter Pump Down Service For Pools With Mesh Safety Covers
  • Spring Service For Pools With Mesh Safety Covers

Summerization (Opening)

A basic summerization includes the following:

  • Set up pool accessory equipment
  • Clean filter elements and reassemble filtration components
  • Re-installation of automatic pool cleaner
  • Cleaning heater, lighting pilot and ensuring proper operation
  • Test pool water chemistry and add necessary chemicals (additional charge for chemicals)

Additional services available at summerization include removing safety cover and storing cover on customers property, vacuuming pool of debris,  set up of salt system, setup of caretaker, setup of attached spa, setup of any extra filter system, acid wash pool.

Weekly & Bi-Weekly Sceduled Maintenance

Weekly and bi-weekly maintenance visits include the following:

  • Backwashing filter if necessary
  • Skimming & vacuuming pool
  • Brushing tile line
  • Digital water testing and chemical adjustment as necessary
  • Cleaning skimmer and pump baskets
  • Checking all equipment for proper operation
  • A written report outlining the work that was done, any work that may be needed and any swimming restrictions

Please call for a free appointment 908.237.0550.

Winterization (Closing)

A basic winterization includes the following:

  • Lower water level of pool

  • Blow out equipment and pool lines
  • Clean filter
  • Drain and winterize equipment
  • Install plugs (to be provided by customer, new ones available for an extra charge)
  • Remove and store on homeowners property: diving board, ladders rails, pool cleaner etc.,
  • Install ice compensators in skimmers
  • Test water chemistry and add necessary chemicals (additional charges for chemicals)

Additional services available at winterization include installing safety cover, winterizing extra equipment and/or spa, vacuuming pool of debris, chlorinator winterization, caretaker winterization, and eyebolt safety cover installation.
Chemical packages available.

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